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There are perfumes that have the aura of a legend, that are born from a magic spark, from a meeting and a passion

for beauty.



Germaine Madeline Duval, model for Lanvin, is a rebellious adventurer, the first woman to fly over the Andes as a passenger, in love with traveling, it is crossing the Atlantic that she will play her destiny.

On a ship bound for New York, she met the man who would become her husband, René Duval.

Great man of the perfumery during the Roaring Twenties, formed by François Coty, he is a tasteful man in phase with his time and a great perfumer.

Very quickly, the House of Parfums Volnay radiated  throughout all spectrums where elegant and beautiful people gathered, dreaming of French chic and eagerly awaiting for Paris' latest products.  From London, Brussels and Milan to Buenos Aires, Sydney, Melbourne , Montreal, and New York, the press bestowed upon Volnay this sublime tribute: "The most luxurious perfume in Paris in the most beautiful bottle in the world".

Most Volnay flacon were created by the famous artist René Lalique.

There are perfumes that are unlike any other, that do not follow the trends because they create or transcend them.

Volnay Perfumes belong to those.


Unknowingly, Germaine Madeline Duval was the founder of a dynasty of passionate perfumers. Today they are her great-grandchildren, Muriel and Olivier Madeline, who are bringing back to life  Volnay perfumes. They reinterpret the original essences which were carefully preserved at the Osmothèque. They remain true to the original fragrance while modernizing it and by declining them into bold and very identity fragrances.

The Volnay house is a historical and family-owned company whose values ​​are the refinement, boldness, elegance and timelessness.




The original formulas of Yapana (created in 1922), Brume d'Hiver (1922), Etoile d'Or (1925), Perlerette (1925) and Ambre de Siam (1919) have been entrusted at Flair Studio. Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel have kept the refinement of these fragrances of yesteryear while sublimating them with delicacy and subtlety. This journey through time has allowed them to discover forgotten raw materials; those of a perfumery of intuition, sensitivity of creator.

Beyond the discovery of rare and precious fragrances, thy were able to bring to each perfume their creativity and bestow a timeless elegance. Taking inspiration from Etoile d'Or, Amélie created the most modern of our perfumes, Objet Céleste (2014).


BASE 4092

The fragrances have retained their dominant scent of origin which René Duval baptised as a single number: base 4092 (powdery, rose, vanilla and clove). It is a valuable sign of recognition and personality and the affirmation of a unique identity.



The famous brand to the bramble confided to two designers, Anne Durand and Patrick Millet, the artistic direction of the house. They chose to respect heritage by breathing it a new contemporary spirit. 

The custom-made flacon today is inspired by one of René Lalique's original flacon for Volnay in 1920. The rear side and the cap are carved with the bramble design, reminiscent of the twenties and stylistic codes of Art Deco.

The choice of a bramble, symbol of the brand, boasts a taste for vigorous, wild nature. It links the brand to nature from where it derives its ingredients. The untamable bramble does not seek to appeal to everyone, only to seduce those able to recognize and appreciate its identity.


Volnay Spirit

Dimitri Nube, young and talented Artistic Director, gives us an interpretation of the Volnay spirit in a video, a voyage in time ...

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